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About Us


Adam Gander, owner of Gander Outfitter, LLC, was born December 20,1982. He was raised and still lives on the family farm, where he is a 3rd generation Farmer.  Married to his wife Lauren where they have a son and daughter named Colton and Zaelyn.  Today he and his dad, Rodney, still farm together.  They grow and harvest crops such as corn and soybeans.   Adam grew up around hunting all of his life.  Having a Granddad, Uncle, and Father who all enjoyed hunting has allowed him to spend a lot of time in the woods.  After spending a couple years in college, Adam began working as a member of Pro Staff for Mothwing Camo.  Adam spent a couple years traveling for Mothwing Camo before becoming apart of Kicking Bear One-on-One, a program aimed at mentoring youth through hunting. By working with this program, Adam realized how much joy the Outdoors brought to troubled children from various walks of life.  Because Adam grew up in the woods, he never realized how much hunting and fishing would mean to a child that had never had the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.  

At the same time Adam started finding other opportunities working with other staffs in the Hunting Industry. He found himself not only filming for multiple TV Shows, but also in front of the camera as well.  In 2005 Adam decided to take a couple of guys out for a hunt on his family farm in NE Missouri.  He truly enjoyed everything about it!  Guiding and Outfitting offers a chance to meet great people and share fun experiences with stories that can remember for a long time.  After guiding for several years and meeting many different people from different parts of the United States, Adam explains, "I have realized that not everyone has the privilege or opportunity to hunt/harvest a trophy buck.  So, when I can help others harvest a trophy, it makes me just as happy and excited as they are!"  

Adam enjoys Guiding,  but also Videography, Photography, and Editing.  "I have always enjoyed painting and drawing since i was a young boy, "says Adam."  But now being able to capture and tell the story for others is another creative series of Art! 

Zaelyn’s first turkey.

What To Expect


We offer about 7000 acres spread out into dozens of different farms throughout southern Knox County and Northern Shelby County, Missouri.  Our hunts are semi-guided hunts with stands and plots ready for you to enjoy.  We will get you to where you need to go, but you can drive your own vehicle to the farm and come in and out on your own terms. Go straight to the stand and straight out.  No wandering around!  Also there are no ATV's allowed on any of the properties.  The only time an ATV is used is when recovering a deer.  Gander Outfitter supplies the ATV's so hunters do not need to bring one.  All hunters will be walking in from the roads of each farm.  You will be hunting out of mostly lock-ons with ladder sticks.  There are ladder stands and box blinds for rifle. 

(All stands 15-20ft feet).  Hunters should bring rubber boots, flashlight, pull-up rope and safety harness.


Quality Deer Management

We have our QDM on our properties at a minimum of 130-inch and at least 4 1/2 year old bucks.  This QDM practice will be discussed more in detail when hunters arrive at camp, along with many examples to look for.  We do a variety of food plots that contain soybeans, clover, alfalfa, radishes, turnips, and many other brassicas.  If you harvest a buck that doesn't meet Gander's QDM, you will be charged an additional $1,250.  This is to help provide more mature bucks in the near future for ours clients.  Also if a hunter draws blood on an animal, we ask for you to stay  put or back out until we know in detail of the shot situation. We don't want to push a wounded buck!  We want to better our chances by taking the proper steps in recovering the animal!  If we can not recover it, then the hunter is unfortunately done with hunting a trophy buck.  This is just a way to help and think of the next guy in camp!  This also helps with making smarter and better ethical shots.  We completely understand accidents happen and it happens to all us hunters. 

 Hunters can expect to hunt large wooded areas with river and creek bottoms along with CRP fields, mixed with croplands containing soybeans, corn, alfalfa, and winter wheat. 

 A complete recipe for growing and holding mature deer! 

From years of being into Farming, Outfitting, and a Real Estate Agent,  Adam fits the category of the meaning  "Land Specialist". So he knows what it takes to grow, hold, and harvest mature deer.  "We look forward to helping you reach your goals of having a great hunt and harvesting a trophy to be proud of for a lifetime.


We stand behind what we offer!

This Job is suppose to be about building relationships and providing others a knowledgeable and exciting experience that can be passed down to others. This is a place where everyone is treated equally!  Unlike most so called Outfitters, that take the money and run hunters through average ground.  We take pride in what we do, and thats why we put our name on it!

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